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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ``A Heat Pump Store in a Box``?

It’s a way for a person to get access to a proven business model AND the materials and support needed to jump-start their own contracting business. All the items come from a successful ductless heat pump sales and installation business that has been around since 2007. It includes marketing materials, training slide decks, pricing systems, operational models, videos, and more.

Who is the ``Heat Pump Store in a Box`` for?

It’s ultimately for contractors, because every state requires that licensed contractors be the ones to install ductless heat pumps. However, we are open to partnering with manufacturers and utility programs, too. Contact us below for more about this.

What does ``access to consultants`` mean?

Growing Ductless includes access to a mix of professional services, each with the know-how needed to make a ductless installation business successful. This includes a graphic designer, a digital marketing agency, video production company, and more. If you buy a ductless heat pump store in a box, you will need a team to help you. Our team knows this technology and knows what is involved in making you successful.

How important is the year long ``Growing Ductless Membership``?

It is very important that you have a trusted advisor to talk to. You will have questions, concerns, and want to bounce ideas off of someone who has been a successful ductless heat pump contractor. Membership in Growing Ductless means ongoing access to a ductless heat pump expert and all his business tools.

What kind of training is available?

Lots! Within the Growing Ductless Membership, you get access to recorded PowerPoint files covering important topics including sales, marketing, operational efficiency, after sales support, and more. During monthly conference calls, you can cover most anything else. For a separate fee, Growing Ductless can come to your location to work with your team.

What are the sales tools that are included?

You get templates for price lists, customer questionnaires, and a complete sales process designed to help you win at the kitchen table. You also get 1 years access to recorded seminars on ductless sales.

How do the brochure templates work?

The brochures we offer are proven to work and can easily be adapted to your company’s logo and branding. There are lots of them, one for nearly every type of residential sale. For a separate fee, our graphic designer can put your logo and branding on our templates. Our designer gets ridiculously low printing prices, and can manage your entire brochure needs.

What is the community we get access to?

Buying a “Heat Pump Store in a Box” gets you a 1 year membership in Growing Ductless, which includes a contractor peer-to-peer network. We hold monthly conference calls and ad hoc meetings as needed. The value here is that you get to interact with owners of very similar businesses, to share best practices, ask questions, and broaden your learning.