Who started Growing Ductless?

By March 24, 2020 May 23rd, 2020 No Comments

Growing Ductless was founded by Jonathan Moscatello. Jonathan was an early adopter of ductless technology, starting as a sales manager at an HVAC contractor and then as owner of a “Ductless Only” contracting company. Jonathan is now leading the Growing Ductless program. The Growing Ductless program is the first all-ductless, practical sales skills program in North America. The Growing Ductless program’s philosophy is very simple. . . nothing happens in business until something gets sold.  Therefore, to grow ductless, contractors have to pro-actively sell ductless. The problem is, they are not comfortable yet, so Growing Ductless is all about helping contractors get comfortable selling ductless. Once they do, we know they will sell it more and more because it is easier to sell and install, and is better HVAC technology, so it makes customers REALLY HAPPY. Thankfully, customers are interested in newer, better technology for their homes, making them a willing audience. If you are a contractor who wants to be a part of the ductless revolution, become a member today!