Jonathan Moscatello

Founder & Ductless HVAC Leader

About Growing Ductless

It has been said that nothing happens in business until someone makes a sale. This is particularly true with groundbreaking and revolutionary products like ductless heating and cooling systems.

The Growing Ductless program is all about helping contractors be successful with the sales, installation and servicing of ductless heating and cooling systems. For most (all) homeowners, this technology is new. Therefore, to be successful, contractors need to use new techniques to: generate leads, design and sell installations, perform installations profitably and to educate and support customers on using these products.

We offer contractors a few different ways to participate in Growing Ductless:

Ductless News

Ductless News is a free service all contractors can enroll in. You will receive regular emails containing links to videos plus tips and best practices on how you can be successful. You will also find out about new products and programs from the ductless manufacturers we collaborate with.

The Box Concept

“A Heat Pump Store in a Box” is an “off the shelf” way to jump-start a ductless heat pump contracting business. All the items offered in “the box” have been developed and used by a successful ductless heat pump sales and installation business that has been around since 2007. It includes marketing materials, training slide decks, pricing systems, operational models, videos, and more.


Membership in Growing Ductless is easy. For a low monthly fee, members have access to an experienced ductless contractor who has built a successful ductless contracting business. Don’t go it alone. Don’t make easily preventable mistakes. Instead, learn from the mistakes we’ve already made and use us as a sounding board.

Membership Includes:

  • Participation in a monthly conference call with a mixed-group of other contractors who are also building a ductless contracting business.
  • One hour of one-on-one contracting per month with the Growing Ductless founder. Ask the questions and remove the roadblocks.
  • Access to "members only" materials. You don't need to create from scratch. Instead, use proven materials that work! Examples of members only materials include (but are not limited to):
    • - Videos
    • - Brochures
    • - Signage
    • - Handbooks
    • - Forms
    • - Pricing Spreadsheets
    • - Truck Layouts
    • - Materials Lists
    • - Tools Lists
    • - More
Training Classes

Training Classes give you a strong foundation. Growing Ductless has a suite of training classes for owners, salespeople and installers. Typically we offer these classes through a distributor of one of the ductless brands we work closely with. On occasion we host our own classes for members and new service followers; we publish and schedule on this website. We encourage interested contractors to attend.

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Members of Growing Ductless get access to consulting services, business tools, and a variety of ductless resources.

Growing Ductless is an annual membership billed monthly – $220 per month or $2,640.

Save 10% for one time payment of annual fee.

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