The Importance of a Sales Process

By December 3, 2020 No Comments

FACT: ductless sales involves selling something new and different to a homeowner. This is because most homeowners don’t know what a  ductless heat pump is. If we are not careful with our sales work, we can expect homeowners to be confused by offering a ductless heat pump. A good ductless sales process should help prevent homeowner confusion. 

The challenge in designing a sales process is that most homeowners only purchase an HVAC system once in their lifetime- they simply don’t know how to buy HVAC. Therefore, the goal of a sales process is to reduce confusion and comfortably guide customers to a decision. A sales process also creates a positive experience which builds trust in the salesperson’s recommendations. True: homeowners buy from the salesperson they like and trust most. Therefore, a sales process is a recipe for success.

Growing Ductless’s proven sales process is easy to learn. It helps customers make a stress-free HVAC decision. Your sales team will learn a step-by-step process, from questionnaire; to providing options; to overcoming objections. The Growing Ductless sales process is the most vital tool for your ductless sales success. By joining our Growing Ductless membership, you will have access to this sales process and so much more!


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