Using YouTube To Generate Leads

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We meet contractors from all over the country. We often get asked, “How can I use video to reach more customers?”. YouTube is a great solution! It shows shoppers what your HVAC company offers. It is an effective branding and marketing tool that sets you apart from your competition. And consider this: YouTube is the second most popular search engine. It is for these reasons, that Growing Ductless considers videos and YouTube an essential marketing strategy.

You might be asking, “What videos do I need? How do I get them?” 

The Go Big Strategy

In this option, the goal is to build a complete YouTube library quickly. To start, you will need to find a qualified video production team. We suggest looking for a video production team by asking your professional contacts for references. You can also shop for a video production company at or other similar directories. By using your own video production company, you will have complete control of your company branding and the type of content covered in the videos. 


Here are some tips for producing your first set of videos.

  1. Work to quickly create what we call the “core-4 videos”
  2. Create a 1-year schedule for additional, new uploads. These should be as frequent as monthly or bi-weekly. The schedule would include videos designed uniquely for your brand, that are interesting, fun, and informative. The more videos you upload, the better it is for the channel. You might be able to film some of these on your own with an iPhone or GoPro. It’s not necessary for each video to be completely produced by a video production company. However, they still need to look professional to build your brand.
  3. Run a social media campaign with short, teaser content taken from each video. This is designed to show activity in your channel and keep followers engaged. Tip: ask viewers to “like” each video and “subscribe” to the channel- this helps build your viewership and reach over time.  
  4. Integrate each video on your website, either in a blog post or on a page where the topic is relevant. This helps with SEO and builds website traffic. 


The Quick and Easy Strategy

In this option, you use pre-produced versions of the Growing Ductless “core four” videos. You also use educational videos available from the heat pump manufacturer(s) you work with. Each of these videos will be branded with your company information at the video’s opening and close. We call these “white label” videos. Growing Ductless partners with a video production company to offer white labeled videos. If you are interested, please email us directly at


How to Start

First, create a YouTube channel. TIP: ask your video professional if they can help you set up your YouTube channel properly. This can be a very useful investment; YouTube is a powerful search engine and there are “tricks” to getting it to work effectively. 

Once your YouTube channel is up and populated with videos, compile a list of customers, industry contacts, etc. Send these contacts an email asking them to subscribe to your YouTube channel.  You will need a succinct, compelling request (ie- “I am offering free diagnostic techniques” or “My channel is offering great tips and tricks”). TIP: record a fun video to include in your email that makes “the ask”. The goal is to earn at least 100 subscribers. 

Another way to get to 100 subscribers (and beyond) is to follow a game plan designed to earn subscribers who are genuinely interested in your company and your work. You earn these subscribers by producing good quality videos on topics that are interesting, which is (1) the whole idea behind YouTube in the first place, and (2) gives people their reason for subscribing. 


There are other important things you can do now:

Learn how to make your own great content by watching others: If you have an interest outside of HVAC, search for people making videos on this subject matter- find the “best”,  most highly watched YouTube’er for your interest. Watch their videos. You will learn a lot about video in the process. Eventually, you can begin to practice making simple videos using an iPhone and/or a GoPro. Some video production companies can do the “post” production for you so that you don’t have to learn a new software program. TIP: Start simple, and then as you build your voice and skills, tackle harder stories. A simple video to start with is filming a customer’s review of your business.


Make a plan, don’t let perfectionism hold you back, and experiment with creating a lot of different kinds of content. 


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